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Air-Fried Buffalo Style Chicken Wing Recipes

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Air-Fried Chicken Wing Recipes - YaEat
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Air-Fried Buffalo Style Chicken Wing Recipes - Ya'Eat Wings?

Today we will be making 4 types of Air-Fried Chicken Wings.

TERIYAKI, CILANTRO AND LIME, GARLIC & PARMESAN, BUFFALO and HONEY BBQ. These simple yet delicious recipes will impress you, your family members, friends, and guests. Don't miss these wing recipes, it is sure to be a hit in your house. Join us for Episode-24 on the #YaEat#CookingChannel. At Ya'Eat we specialize in #Italian and #Seafood #Recipes but do so much more. #ItalianFood



  1. 12 Whole Wings

  2. (rinse wings in saltwater, cut wing at joint, remove wing tip and save for stock)

  3. Place wings about 12 wings in the Air-Fryer, do not overcrowd and set for 25 mins at 400 degrees. (Cook 5-10 mins longer for extra crispy)

  4. After cooking about halfway, check the wings and give them a good shake, make sure they are spaced out and place them back in Air Fryer to finish.

  5. Remove cooked wings and place in a bowl and use one or all of the wing recipes below

  6. While Wings are cooking your can prep some Celery and Carrots, and or whatever you would like to serve with your wings

  7. Serve with Blue Cheese or Ranch Dressing.


3 oz. Teriyaki Glaze

1/4 Fresh Lemon Juice

1 tbsp. Fresh Chopped Cilantro

Salt to tast