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How to make Potato Leek Soup with Bacon Recipe

Potato Leek Soup with Bacon Recipe - YA'
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Nothing hits the spot like a hot soup on a cold day. Today we will be making a very #DELICIOUS Potato Leek Soup with Bacon Recipe

This very quick, and very easy, #PotatoLeek #Soup #Recipe will impress you, your family members, friends, and guests. Don't miss this #soup recipe, it is sure to be a hit in your house. Join us for Episode-12 on the #YaEat #CookingChannel This episode we will be making Potato Leek Soup with Bacon, and believe me when I tell you that it... tastes great! At Ya'Eat Cooking Channel, we specialize in #Italian and #Seafood Recipes but do so much more. #ItalianFood



  • 5 lbs. Russet Potatoes

  • 3 Large Leek

  • 3 qts. Chicken Stock

  • 16 oz. Heavy Cream

  • 4 oz. Salted Butter

  • 4 oz. All-Purpose Flour

  • 12 Strips of Bacon

  • 1 tbsp. Canola Oil

  • Cheddar Cheese for Garnish

  • Salt and Pepper to taste


Cooking Instructions

  1. Peel Potatoes, wash, and set aside

  2. Cook Bacon

  3. While cooking bacon, cut and wash the leek

  4. Remove bacon when crispy, shut heat if not finished cutting and washing leek.

  5. Add butter and leek to the pan and saute to sweat on medium to low heat

  6. While cooking Leek, start cutting potatoes

  7. Once the Leek is cooked and not brown, you can add Flour to make Roux.

  8. Cook Roux for a few minutes on low heat and now not brown.

  9. Add 1 qt. Chicken Stock slowly and stir into a paste.

  10. Add potatoes

  11. Add 2nd qt. Chicken stock, bring to a boil, lower the heat, and cover.

  12. Cook for 20-30 minutes or until potatoes are soft and stir every 5-10 minutes

  13. Chop cooked bacon

  14. You can blend with a hand blender or with a hand whisk to break down potatoes a little. This will also thicken the soup.

  15. Add Bacon save some for garnish

  16. Adjust seasonings and add more chicken stock as needed

  17. Add Cream

  18. Chick consistency and add chicken stock if needed.

  19. You’re Done!

  20. Top with bacon, cheese, and fresh leek strips or parsley.

  21. Nice Job : )


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